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  1. Sometimes life can be frustrating can't it?  This week has certainly had its ups and downs.  I've gone from extremely annoyed to having some very positive results in a very short space of time.


    Technology is all important in an online business and when it doesn't work - boy is that a major trial!  I updated my computer virus and for some reason it decided that I wouldn't be allowed to upload photographs from my computer.  3 hours later of resetting everything and starting again, I finally managed to get a photograph uploaded - argh!  On top of that, I have a TV in my office on the wall as I often work in the evenings; updating my website, sorting my photographs, replying to emails etc.  This week I have had a very weak signal, so I decided to retune the TV whilst I was taking a break from the irritation of my computer.  It didn't work and I ended up with no signal whatsoever.  Then when I tried to take it off the wall (as I somehow removed the power socket) in attempting not to drop it, got my hand caught and now have a bruise covering the half of my hand.  By this time, I lost it!  Threw my calculator across the room and now that's in the bin because I managed to smash the screen.


    There must be a moral in that story somewhere and the only thing I can think of, is that just tackle one annoyance at a time.  But on a very positive note - thank goodness I have my jewellery to enjoy, I have made some lovely pieces of anodised aluminium jewellery this week and a gorgeous gemstone necklace.

    Delta Earrings with Discs

    This velvety violet colour is stunning!  I attended my networking evening on Tuesday and put some of these earrings in my bag for my fellow members to have a look at.  There was only one other woman at the meeting this week and she fell in love with these and bought them then and there.


    I also don't want to neglect my silver jewellery, so created this gemstone necklace from 1cm diameter Amazonite and Rose Quartz. 

    Gemstone necklace

    I hope you like it - I think it looks very attractive.


    I hope you have a good Easter and enjoy your coming week.

    Lesley x

  2. Having spent several months creating the Collection of Colourful Jewellery, I felt it would be a useful blog post to explain a little about the facts and care of working with anodised aluminium.

    It is an entirely different procedure working with aluminium vs silver.  The aluminium is purchased in large sheets and if you're lucky pre-anodised.  It's a complex process to anodise aluminium and having tried it - burnt my hand with battery acid, felt it wise to buy it ready anodised.  This layer is a very thin (much less than a mm thick).  So, if it were to be handled roughly, the layer can be scratched. 

    Purchasing  - Aluminium has the advantage that is it lighter than silver and can produce larger designs, for instance for earrings without dragging your ear lobes.  It can be purchased in pre-cut shapes - something which I do not do as the depth is only 0.5mm and to me, appears a little flimsy.  I prefer working with a 1mm depth of sheet to give a design which won't distort or become mis-shapen.  The dyes are bought in packets and mixed with distilled water.

    Handling - It is porous and therefore before dying must be handled with extreme care.  Any grease (mostly from fingertips!!) will prevent the dye taking - so clean gloves every time are paramount.  

    Joining - The main difference I find, having worked with silver is that it can't be soldered and therefore any joins must be made using a rivet system.

    Necklace of joined hearts in anodised aluminium

    As you can see from this image above, I have used 2 rivets.  One to join the small silver heart to the larger coloured aluminium heart and a method of ensuring that soldered rings are used to accept the neck chain.

    Colouring - this is limited only by imagination!  The dyes can be used in their original colour or mixed together, or they can be used one after another.  To use one after the other, the sheet has to be dried in between each application, otherwise the effect will be the same as mixing the dyes together.

    Sealing - When I've finished with the sheet, I then have to seal the colours.  Until the time it is sealed, then I still can't handle it without gloves.  It needs steaming for approximately 3/4hr and once this process has been completed, it can be handled and worked on.

    Aftercare - Because I marry the aluminium with silver, I have a multpurpose care cloth available.  It means that the silver can be polished without getting harmful chemicals onto the dyed designs

    Pocket Sized Care Cloth

    I love what can be achieved with just a flat sheet of metal and my designs have already proved to be very popular.   It's my intention to continue building this Collection and I hope you have found the above summary of what has to be done before your beautiful jewellery is created informative. 


    Lesley x