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  1. £5 gift voucher

    Would you like to receive a £5 off discount voucher code for any of the jewellery* on this website?


    My jewellery is nominated in the annual Craft and Design Selected Makers competition.  As you're reading my blog, I'm presuming that you like my jewellery and if so if you would be kind enough to vote for it/me in their compeition - as a thank you I'd like to offer you a £5 off discount code to be used on the website.


    Instructions:  Please click on this link - Vote For Lesley H Phillips’ Jewellery and you'll be taken to my voting page of the prestigious Craft and Design event. (It opens in a new window).  By scrolling towards the bottom of the page you will see a banner which provides you with more information about the Awards and another which states "click here to vote for Lesley H Phillps".  By choosing the vote option you will be taken to the area which enable you to either login if you have previously registered or to set a password.  The list of FAQ's is below.  However, please be assured that although your email address is requested - you will NOT be bombarded with emails.  You can opt to receive their newsletter or not at all - in the last year I think I only received one email and that was to remind me that the awards were about to open in 2014.


    Craft and Design Maker

    Lesley H Phillips


    If you haven't previously set a password, then complete your email address and choose a password.  This will then initiate an email for you to confirm. When you confirm the email that arrives in your inbox (it is immediate, so if you haven't received it, it's worth checking you spam box), then it will state on screen that your vote has been registered for me.  If you go back to the original page, you will also note that the colour of the banner has changed from blue to mauve, which further indicates that your vote has been accepted.



    All that remains for you to do, is to post a comment to notify me that you've very kindly supported me in the Selected Awards (or send me an email with a note to say that you've read this Blog post) and I will email you within 48 hours with your voucher code.  If you're having trouble finding where to post your comment - click on the 'read more' section and the comments box will appear.


    About: - The website supports the Craft and Design magazine which is issued bi monthly and can be purchased and posted direct or opt to receive the free newsletter. The magazine was started in 1983.   Inclusion as an artist listed within the Craft Directory is only available upon approval and only the best of UK craft is accepted.  Nomination for the highly regarded national awards for British and Irish designer makers is dependent upon being represented in the Craft Maker Gallery.



    The online public vote is open from 1st January - 31st March 2014 and the number of votes received determines 6 finalists.  These finalists will then be judged (having provided answers to specific business related questions regarding their medium) by a panel of specially chosen judges.


    The aim of Craft and Design is to promote the growth of Arts and Crafts in Britain today.  


    * excludes special offers / accessories sections

  2. What is your New Years Resolution?  Or are you planning on more than one? 


    Mine is more than visible here!  One of my many resolutions is to start this blog, but more importantly continue it.


    When we decide what we are going to do for the following year, invariably it fails before or just past January - sometimes the first day, so I thought I'd get ahead of the game and start mine even before 1st January 2014.

    What is it that stops us reaching our goals when we set them?  Lack of enthusiasm, lack of interest, the time factor or something more interesting crops up to do instead.  The majority of women choose to lose weight or take exercise for the year ahead and using the example of dieting is perfect for analysing how we fail and what we can do to prevent it happening.


    When someone decides to lose weight and then the first day they have too much to eat at one sitting, what do they think?  "Ah well, I've failed now, I might as well treat myself to a chocoloate biscuit".  However, if we looked at that as a setback and not a fail, then we could carry on and begin from that moment.

    With my jewellery making, despite having written a blog previously and having numerous posts - because I'd not updated it for a while I deleted it.  So, instead of spending the time deleting the posts - would it not have been a good idea for me to actually just make a new post? 


    So all that remains for me with this entry is to wish you all a very Happy New Year and every success with your endeavours and I hope you'll enjoy my future posts. 

    Lesley x