Silver Wholesale Jewellery Enquiries


 Thank you for your interest in my jewellery.

Current Stockists  of  Lesley H Phillips, Handmade Silver Jewellery


I would like to sell your jewellery, who do I contact about wholesale enquiries/becoming a stockist?
If you own a shop or a gallery and would like to know more about buying my handmade silver jewellery wholesale (jewelry), please feel free to CONTACT Lesley.  

I would like to know some details such as a description of your shop, its location, and the other items/brands you sell.  

As a retailer of my jewellery (jewelry) you will receive a listing on my website under "Stockists". You will also receive free of charge, a point of sale card and information cards advising your customers how to take care of their designer jewellery.

Can I have exclusive rights to selling your handmade silver jewellery?
I am happy to work with you on exclusivity within an area which creates added value for your customers. Just ask and we can discuss this further.

Internet Sales
If you are a retailer intending to sell on the internet, please note that I do not allow my jewellerry to be sold on Ebay / other auction style websites. I do not believe that the other products offered on such sites reflect its quality.  I am the sole distributor with 

Is there a minimum order
There is no minimum order value. Delivery is FREE in the UK for orders over £600.


 Please add the email address jewellery@lesleyhphillips. to your approved emails.  Should you not receive an email within 48 hours of enquiry, it is highly likely that your computer has rejected it as 'junk'.