Q: How do I care for my silver jewellery?  
A: With every purchase of silver jewellery from this website you will be provided with a card which tells you how to take care of your silver jewellery. Please see the Caring for your Jewellery article for more information.

Q: How soon will I receive my jewellery?
A: Please see the Delivery section

Q: Do I need a Customer Account or an Account with Stripe | Paypal?
A:  Not at all.  You don't have to register with this site OR the Merchant Providers (Stripe and Paypal) - you can pay securely with a credit or debit card . It is entirely voluntary if you wish to become an account holder.  However there are benefits should you wish to create and account with Lesley H Phillips Jewellery as it will speed up your checkout process and keep a record of your orders.  Create an Account/Sign In

Q: How do I know what ring size to buy?
A: There are various methods of determining your ring size - (a) measuring the diameter of an existing ring  (b) using a plastic ring sizer which can be purchased for as little as 99p from a well known auction site - HOWEVER, these are not courses of action that I would personally recommend.  For instance, 17mm diameter is a size N (UK) and 18mm is P1/2 (UK) and there's a huge difference in this sizing, but not a huge difference when you're trying to measure your existing ring.  The difficulty with plastic is that it can stretch and therefore you could find that you're ordering completely the wrong size.  I'm sure you'll agree that this is not something that you want to happen when you're ordering a ring to be made especially for you!
(c) High street jewellers will usually carry out ring sizing free of charge.  Please also note that your finger will expand with heat, so do make sure your hands are at room temperature when you are being sized.

Q: How do I know what bracelet / bangle size to buy?
A: You can measure the diameter (the width across) of an existing bangle or length of an existing bracelet. Alternatively by using a tape measure you can measure the widest part of your hand to enable a bangle to slide over.  Squeeze your hand together really tightly and measure the widest part. To measure your hand for a bracelet, use the tape measure with your hand loose to decide where you would like it to sit on your hand/wrist when your arm is dropped to your side.  Please refer to this Printable Bracelet Sizing Guide for more information.

Q: Can you tell me more about chain lengths?
A: Please refer to this Printable Chain Length Sizing Guide for more information.

Q: How do I SPEND my Gift Voucher?
 A:  Choose the jewellery that you would like to buy.  You can buy one or more items with your gift voucher at the same time.  Proceed to Checkout.  Input your Gift Voucher code (bottom right of the voucher) into the section which states "If you have a discount code please enter it here" and click the "Redeem" Button.  It is only possible to input one code into this section during the checkout process.

If you have used PART or ALL of your gift voucher and your Cart = £0.00, then click the black button which states "SPENDING Gift voucher? Use this ONLY if cart = £0". If you have some money owing to you then you will be provided with a new code (when your jewellery is dispatched), with the amount you still have left to spend.  The expiry date of your voucher will remain the same.

If you have used ALL of your gift voucher and your Cart indicates that there is some money still to pay, then please choose one of the other payment options.

Q: What are your returns procedures?
A: Please see the Returns & Satisfaction Guarantee section

Q: Can you tell me more about silver and gold?
A: Please see the Silver and Gold information article

Q: What is hallmarking?
A: Please see the Hallmarking Silver and Gold article

Q: Can you tell me more about commissioning a special item?
A: Please note that due to time constraints with making my own jewellery designs, I am unable to carry out commission work.

Q: Will you set my own gemstone in a piece of jewellery?
A: No.  The  properties and value of the gemstones which are used in the jewellery are a known factor to me as a designer, unlike a customer's own gemstone as I am not a gemologist.  

Q: I have an item of jewellery I bought elsewhere, will you repair it?
A: No. I specifically make and design jewellery and do not carry out repair work.  If an item of jewellery which has been purchased from me has been damaged, then of course I will be happy to look at its repair.