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    Dorset Art Weeks 2014

    The bi-annual event hosted by Dorset Visual Arts is nearly upon us and it's going to be a busy few weeks getting organised for this.  My venue number is 60 within the brochure - there are over 300 artists displaying their work across the county.  I host from my correspondence address and this year one lucky visitor from the 24th May will be the recipient of an item of jewellery which they have received totally free!  I am holding a competition/draw to enable one person to be chosen after the doors close on the 8th June.  Please do see my Events Page to note when my venue is open and my day(s) off.


    There will also be a variety of designs which have never been seen before - here's a sneak preview!

    Unseen Jewellery at Dorset Art Weeks

    But there are MANY more designs which haven't been featured on the website and will be available to buy.  A huge range of earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants which are one of a kind's and I literally haven't had the opportunity to load on the website - and will be advantageous prices too!  So, it's well worth a visit.


    I am also currently workng on a variation of this Art Deco bracelet.  This one was specifically made to fit my wrist size, but I know from feedback I've received (it's my cover image for the brochure) that it's a hugely desired piece of wearable silver, so I thought it wise to make one more to enable it to fit a woman with a larger wrist than mine (I have tiny wrists!) and to have it so that it is suitable for small / medium women.  You'll need to come along to see it - or it will be a wait until after the doors close when I make another and load it on the shop section.


    I really look forward to seeing plenty of visitors and for you to be able to see all the jewellery in 'the flesh'.  You can let me know if you're coming by posting a comment below

    Lesley x



  2. This post is a different one because I quite often get asked about how to photograph small items / jewellery and it's quite a difficult thing to do.  So, I thought I'd write a little of what the best way/ type of photographs  are to take.

    The upshot is, there really is not best way!  There are various types of photograph - plain background, lifestyle of the product itself or a lifestyle wearing it.


    The plain background shots are the most difficult - especially if you're wanting a pure white background as this cannot be achieved by camera alone - the background has to be removed (or the jewellery from the background) and then set onto a white board.  So this bangle for instance.  I took the shot on a plain background, which comes out a grey colour and then the bangle is cut around and inset onto a white square.

    bangle on plain white background

    This is obviously quite a time-consuming process - but it really does set the jewellery off against the plain white, doesn't it?


    The other alternative is to find a prop for the jewellery to sit on and then take many images and choose the best one from the many images.  I would recommend about 10 - 20 pictures to then decide which one looks the best.

    silver bracelet

    This Sweetheart Spirit Bracelet is taken on the top of a book which has images within the book - the image pages are what gives the page edges the different texture/ colour.  Quite effective isn't it?


    The final alternative is taking shots of the jewellery being worn with other props.  These equestrian stirrup earrings are worn by a young lady with her hose - the jewellery isn't particularly visible, but it does give the viewer a good idea of the size. So this would be a picture to have along side a 'product image shot'

    equestrian earrings

    I hope you've found this blog useful and any comments would be great to receive