Journalist Terms & Conditions of Use

In registering to use the services you as a Registered User agreed to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions which govern the continued use of the services.

1. General   As contained in the General Terms and Conditions of use of this site
2. Services   You may use the services subject to these and the General Terms and Conditions
3. Agreement to Use

  You Agree that:
   3.1   As a journalist you will use the images strictly in pursuit of your occupation
   3.2   You will not infringe the IPR other than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions
   3.3   You will not use the images in any way which will diminish or prejudice my reputation
   3.4   You will attribute the content of the images accordingly to
   3.5   You will not modify or alter the images  without prior consent, except to crop, providing this still enables the image to be viewed as the recognised product.
   3.6   You will not use the images in association with any material which is only suitable for aged 18+

   3.7   You may be asked to provide documentation to ensure the Terms and Conditions are complied with
   3.8   Your password authority may be suspended or revoked if the Terms and Conditions are not complied with







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